Introducing Intel's new CPU -- the Ivy Bridge [Tech]

Intel's new CPU, the Ivy Bridge, is ready for release with the first Ivy Bridge computers currently being released to reviewers. Word is that the units should be available by the end of April. 
The CPUs are significant in that they are the first to offer a ‘3D transistor’ design, while using an even smaller 22nm manufacturing process. Check out an explanation of the 3D design here, or watch this video.

Intel's Ivy BridgeThe smaller 22nm process means there is more room for the integrated graphics block, and early reports indicate that the chip’s Intel 4000 graphics is better than an entry level graphics card, meaning users can play any current generation PC game without needing a separate graphics card. (Provided you’re willing to have it set to low detail levels, no doubt)

Meanwhile the chip speeds are looking to be the same as current generation ‘Sandy Bridge’ Processors, with the clock frequency of 3.5GHz (up to 3.9GHz in turbo mode) remaining the same. However Intel notes that users can still expect to see either a 20% performance increase, or a 20% reduction in power consumption depending on usage.

Customers looking to buy computers with the new chip should look for the “Intel third-generation Core” series branding, with the chips still going by the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 names.

And if you’re wondering how small 22nm is, compare it to a human hair, which is usually up to 100,000nm in diameter!
Intel’s new CPUs [finally] arrive. 



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