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San Jose Succotz is the winner of the Belize Band Fest 2012 held in Corozal [Event]

On the 31st of March, all eyes pointed to Corozal where the San Jose Succotz Festival Drum Corps claimed the grand prize for the Belize Band Fest 2012 -- they remain champions of the best marching band in Belize.
The usually serene town of Corozal at Belize’s northern border came alive with one of the biggest events in the country as thousands of Belizeans and tourists flooded the streets for the early-morning parade of bands preceding the competition. The 11 participating bands gathered in front of the bus terminal and then under the precision drumming, music and choreography that is now a signature of the event, marched through the principal streets of the town. Judging was conducted at the Santiago Ricalde stadium. The Corozal Community College Marching Band was voted the most popular marching band. Succotz Festival Drum Cops won the title of best uniformed marching band. The Holy Redeemer Marching Band won the drum line competition.

In the drum corps category, Delille Academy Marching Band from Dangriga won first place and took home $4,000. as prize. They also took home a trophy and individual medals. First runner up was the Sarteneja United Drum Corps while the second runner up was the Holy Redeemer Marching Band.

In the Marching Band with Wind Instruments category, the top prize was captured by the defending champions, Succotz Festival Drum Corps. They took home $6,000. plus a trophy and individual medals. Second place was captured by the Corozal Community College Marching Band, while the third place winner is the Western Xunan Marching Band. The event is held in a different town every year, but the breezy seaside venue of Corozal town is ranked one of the best for an event that is held during the dry season in Belize when daytime temperatures are often in the 90s.
San Jose Succotz Retains Best Marching Band In Belize Title

Image via Belize.com



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