Top 10 Favorite Can Products of Belizeans [PHOTOS/LIST]

The idea of canning or preserving food in an airtight container was one of men's most brilliant ideas next to the mobile phones.

Canning was essentialy started during the first year of the Napoleonic Wars where the French government offered a hefty cash award of 12,000 francs to any inventor who could devise a cheap and effective method of preserving large amounts of food.

In third world countries like Belize, we survive by eating can foods. I mean can products are very affordable -- we rely a lot on them.

In this post I will present to you the Top 10 Can Products of Belizeans. Be reminded that this list is in no specific order and if you think I left something out of this list, leave your comments below.

1. Corned Beef : Oh how I love my corned beef! My wife cooks it with smashed potato and sweet pepper.

corned beef belize

2. Potted Meat: A picnic sandwich isn't a sandwich without potted meat in it. 

potted meat belize


3.Chicken Sausage: Whenever we are out of meat we turn to chicken sausage. Yum!Yum!

chicken sausage belize

4. DAK (Luncheon Meat): Fried luncheon meat is a favorite amongst Belizeans.

dak belize

5. Baked Beans: The brother to a finger licking BBQ is none other than baked beans. Have you tried baked beans with fried jack in the mornings?

baked beans belize

6. Canned Sardine: If you are tired of eating chicken meat then you can turn to canned sardine for a change. They don't have the best of taste but they are quiet affordable and reliable during hard times.

sardine belize

7. Salsa Casera: One of my favorite snack is Salsa Casera with fried chips.

salsa casera belize

8. Powdered Milk: Let us not forget the powdered milk that we use to mix our coffees in the morning. If it wasn't for powdered milk I wouldn't be writing this post.

powdered milk belize

9. Evaporated Milk: We mainly use this product for cakes and other pastries. 

evaporated milk belize


10. Cranberry Sauce: To be honest cranberry sauce is not my favorite but a plate of Belizean rice and beans is not complete without this.

cranberry sauce belize



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