Top Five Easter Holidays Destinations in Belize [List]

The Easter break is right around the corner and traditionally, here in Belize, we make the most of it by getting together with the whole family and have as much fun as we can. It is this time of the year that the sun is out and the wind is perfect here in Belize so we must take advantage of that.

Unlike other family events, the Easter break is suppose to be spent in the outdoors rather than the indoors. We look for places like the beaches, jungle parks and the cayes not to mention other great destinations. Many other people take this time to visit their families abroad.

Since Belize has now become a main tourist destination I almost sure that our beaches will be packed from corner to corner. Make sure you carry plenty of sun screen with you as the weather promises to be hot for the couple of days to come.

Take a look through our selection in our slide show at the top. We've limited our list to 5, so shout out in the comments below, letting us know if there are any other destinations that you believe should be in this list.



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