What is Belize's No.1 Top Sport [POLL]

Belize #1 Top Sport

As a sports lover, I am obsessed with just about every sport that exist in this universe. But I would like to find out what is the #1 Sport in Belize? I know that football, the sport in which you kick a ball, is the top sport worldwide but that doesn't mean that it is the top sport here in Belize.

In countries like the USA, american football, basketball, and baseball are the top three sports not to mention other great sports played there. In Canada, I would like to think that hockey is the top sport.

As a Belizean, I play just about anything -- I kick a ball every now and then, we shoot some hoops with friends, and why not some volleyball? Consequently Belizeans are good at all sports but not fully professional at one. What is wrong? One main reason is because the sport federations are not willing to create academies in which Belizeans can train to become professionals. The next thing is that no one is willing to pay players the salaries they deserve.

I have heard about successful football and basketball Belizean players playing abroad in countries like Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and even the United States. That doesn't tell me that those two are the top sports here in Belize -- It just tells me that those are the most developed sports here in Belize.

Everyday I hear a young person excelling in a different sport. Have you forgotten the famous victory of Giovanni Choto in the 2012 Cross Country Cycling Race or that famous win of Marian Jones in the Olympics. The reality is that Belize possesses some very talented people when it comes to the sports arena. This is good for a developing country like ours because it can provide our people with excellent, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Overall, I can see that Belizeans are naturally born with great amount of talent but we don't have systems that can accelerate our development. So it is safe to say that we are slow when it comes to developing professional athletes.

After reviewing some of our athletes accomplishments, not only in the national but also in the international level, it still leaves me wondering what is Belize's No. 1 top sport; So I have prepared a small poll in which you can choose which sport you think is the top #1 sport here in Belize.

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