Belize Is Praying For You Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow [SPECIAL]

Kim Simplis BarrowIt is in times like these that the country should be more united than ever. 

I come to you as a Belizean and the humanitarian  that I am, asking you to support Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow in this time of need. A little prayer or a little message of support can do wonders in these hard times that the wife of the Prime Minister of Belize find herself in.

If you were not aware about her sickness then let me help to refresh your mind. In a press release from Special Envoy for Women and Children, earlier in November of last year, it stated that Ms. Barrow urgently left the country seeking medical attention.

She was later diagnosed with breast cancer -- a sickness that has haunted women of all ages over the past centuries. Since then she has been in a battle that she never saw coming but has confronted it like the strong person that she is.

Mrs. Kim is a very special person for many of us because of the work done and dedication that she has put to make this Belize a better Belize. Some view her as a friend and some view her as family and the reality is that she is a very kind and sweet person. She has done so many things for us that we are not aware of and that is what makes her a special person.

According to Channel 5 News, Mrs. Kim's cancer treatment has complicated so much that the Prime Minister has left the country to be beside her.
The Prime Minister left the country earlier today for Miami where his wife, Kim Simpliss Barrow is receiving treatment for breast cancer. Simpliss Barrow was re-admitted to the hospital on Sunday evening after developing complications relating to the cancer treatment. Having concluded chemotherapy, she is now receiving radiation. As we understand it, her heart was not pumping to capacity which required her immediate hospitalization. Tests show that Simpliss Barrow has water in her lungs and only ten percent of her heart is functioning. She is also anemic. The Prime Minister will be out of the country for the rest of the week. The D.P.M., Gaspar Vega, will be functioning as acting prime minister.
I don't normally do this on my blog but I come here asking the Belizean community to give Mrs. Kim Barrow the morale support that she needs right now.

You can leave a message of support by clicking on the comments section of this post. Lets come together and make her feel like she as at home, on her sofa, enjoying a nice cup of hot tea. Because let me tell you, nothing more will make her happier than knowing that her whole country is praying for her and wishing her the best in the toughest battle of her life.

"Get well Mrs. Barrow and don't forget that God is always watching and he always answers our prayers" - iBelmopan Blog Team



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