Google Doodle: Howard Carter [PIC]

Google Doodle Howard Carter

Today's google doodle is to commemorate famous archaeologist, Howard Carter's, on his 138th birthday.
The famed explorer is known for his discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, the most intact pharaoh's grave ever found in the Valley of the Kings.

The Google doodle depicts Carter gazing upon the golden riches and artifacts within the tomb. Behind the treasures is the faint outline of Google's usual logo.

Carter secured his place in history when he made the monumental discovery on November 4, 1922. The finding was a long time coming; Carter had worked as an archaeological excavateur for 30 years prior to stumbling upon the four-room chamber that contained the pharaoh's mummy.

The unearthing of the entrance to the burial chamber took months, and the recovery of the more than 600 groups of precious treasures took close to a decade.

After the finding, Carter retired from working in the field and chose instead to work for museums and private collectors. He died of lymphoma in 1939 at 64 years old.
Howard Carter Honored On His 138th Birthday With Google Logo (PICTURE)



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