Messi vs Ronaldo [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic of Messi vs Ronaldo

Whenever a discussion is opened with friends while enjoying a nice football match it appears that the main topic is always Messi vs Ronaldo. What if Ronaldo or Messi never existed in this rapidly changing universe? Then surely the Balon D'Or will be up for grabs for any professional football player out there. I am talking about the magicians -- those include Roben, Ribery, Sneider, Ozil and so many other wonderful players.

I wonder how the other players must feel when all the attentions goes to these two guys -- I would despise them if you ask me. And that my friends is the reason why I never become a professional footballer. 

The discussion gets even more heated every time we talk about these two but to be honest these two walk parallel to each other, hand in hand for the crown of the best footballer to ever exist.

Click on the picture to see the wonderful infographic made by on two of the world's best football players, hands down.



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