Microsoft's is now online [SOCIAL MEDIA]; the Microsoft social media site that accidentally went online a few months ago, is now officially live and inviting you to try out their new service. You can join the service as long as you're 18 years and older, and have a Facebook or Windows Live account.

Microsoft's, pronounced "Social" is a product of Microsoft's research lab Fuselabs. The site offers enhanced features such as Explore, Feed, Post, Video Parties and the ability to share any web content.

It looks like Microsoft has indeed created its own social network to compete with the likes of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. The timing of the launch is perfect, since Microsoft silently launched two days after Facebook became a public company.

If you remember, Microsoft invested $240 million, or 1.6% stake in Facebook in 2007, which is now reportedly worth anywhere between $250 million to $1.6 billion. One thing that any user of needs to remember is that all your data on are public by default, unless of course you change them as private via the SETTINGS section.

To join, just click here and visit here for more information about the service.

Microsoft's Now Online



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