Today's Belize Top Stories

Welcome to this morning edition of "Belize Top Stories", a series in which we keep you updated with the top headlines in the nation of Belize. Today in particularly we take a look at two of Belize's major businesses going into the international scene.

Marie Sharp to take Belize's Hot Sauce to Korea

According to News 5, Marie Sharp, the proprietor of Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Limited, has been invited to the second largest food expo in Asia. Marie Sharp is heading to Seoul, Japan to showcase her line of products to a new community and this gives a real opportunity for her to make it big in the international stage. We wish her well in her trip and that she makes a name for herself and Belize. She deserves nothing more than that!

Beltraide gets involved in the Magazine Business

Beltraide, Belize's main partner for supporting investment and trade activities, brings to us a new magazine of its own kind -- Invest Belize Magazine. The idea of this magazine is to promote Belize as an investment destination. The magazine will be issued locally and internationally and it is hoped that it becomes a tool to attract major investors around the world.



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