Top 10 Hotels in Belmopan [LIST]

bull frog innEveryday people visit Belmopan City to experiment on the different cuisines, adventures and for the peacefulness that the city proudly has to offer. Some come for a day but some come to spend a few days and for that they need a safe and humble place to stay. Normally people would prefer staying at a hotel or an apartment.

In Belmopan, finding a place to stay can be a hard task depending on which method you use to search. People come in an out of Belmopan and enjoy the tranquility that the city provides but some are left unsatisfied by the the customer service provided by some of the spots they pick to say at.

I am here to make it easy for everyone by listing the Top 10 Hotels in Belmopan. In that case you won't have to go through all the trouble of selecting a place to say while being in the city. I have personally been to some of these hotels and is safe to say that these are some of the best hotels Belmopan has to offer.

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1. Villa San Juan
Address: 3639 Tangelo Street Cohune Walk Belmopan
Tel#: 822-1391/610-0618

Villa San Juan
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2. Wabia Inn  
Address: Cor. Barton Creek & Roaring Creek Street
Tel#: 601-3248/668-3182

3. Yim Saan Hotel 
Address: Hummingbird Hwy
Tel#: 822-1356

Yim Saan hotelImage Source

4. El Rey Inn 
Address: 23 Moho St
Tel#: 822-3438

El Rey Inn
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5. Garden City Hotel 
Address: Mountain View Blvd 
Tel#: 822-2583

Garden City Hotel
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6. Hibiscus Hotel 
Address: Market Square, 
Tel#: 822-1418

Hibiscus Hotel BelmopanImage Source

7. Hidden Valley Inn 
Address: Cooma Cairn St
Tel#: 822-3320

Hidden Valley Inn
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8. Belmopan City Apartments 
Address: Dean/ College Av 
Tel#: 623-3683

9. Belmopan Hotel
Address: Bliss Parade/ Constitution Dr, 
Tel#: 822-2130/822-2327

10. Bull Frog Inn 
Address: 23/25 Halfmoon Ave, 
Tel#: 822-2111/822-3425

Bull Frog Inn



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