The Top 5 Computer Stores in Belize [TOP LIST]

In a rapidly changing world, technology has literally become our second source for survival -- food being the first. Technology this, technology that... the human race have fallen under the spell of the information age and as we spontaneously advance in time the future seems to become even more technological than ever.

Next thing you know tomorrow we start teleporting from our iPhones. That concept seems out of our reach but scientists are finding ways to improve the capacity of thinking and with that we are more aware of our surroundings and the things we can do with the resources we posses. The human race would be as dangerous as any other race if there existed one -- if you don't believe me take a look back a decade and compare those year's inventions with the ones being invented now.

As a third world country, Belize is a million miles away from being in the list of the top countries that are super-technologically advanced. Technology is not the easiest thing to keep up with worst when the country's economy is a mess like the one found down shit creek as my high school physics professor once used to say.

Nevertheless our government and our people are trying the best to keep up with technology and that is something worth celebrating. They have come up with ingenious ways of keeping up with technology but one member remains at the top of my admiration list -- the computer stores. I am not sure what their profits are but let me tell you that they are the number one cause for our country being at least three quarter way down the  food chain -- with countries like the USA and Japan ruling the technology kingdom of course.

We must thank those wise businessmen that took the heavy risks when opening these type of businesses here in Belize. If it isn't for them how can the other organizations in Belize be able to survive? So in order to show my appreciation I have come up with a list of the Top 5 Computer Stores in Belize.

Keep in mind that this list is in no specific order. If you have any other stores that you think belong here kindly add them under the comments section.

1. Fultec Systems: 
Tel#: 223-3226
Fultec Systems

2. GS-COM:
Tel#: 223-5128 
GS-Com Computer Store

3. PC.COM:
Tel#: 822-1504
PC.COM Computer Store Belmopan

4. Pross Computers:
Tel#: 822-0656

Pross Computer Store Belmopan

5. SigerTronic Systems:
Tel#: 223-3600



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