BTIA Disaster Preparedness Workshop 2012

The Belize Tourism Industry Association is inviting everyone to participate in the 2012 Disaster Preparedness Workshop.
The goal of this Hurricane Preparedness Workshop is to inform participants about hurricane hazards and provide knowledge which can be used to take ACTION; “Preparation though education is less costly than learning through tragedy.” The workshop will focus on helping businesses within the tourism industry through learning the steps of action planning and plan implementation and is designed for managers, supervisors and key operations staff. Come and be a part of this informative event and learn of the various measures needed in mitigating disasters within our industry.

Contact our BTIA Office on 10 North Park St. at 227-1144 or emails, for any queries or suggestions.

Click the link below to download the workshop’s registration form:

Hurricane Preparedness Workshop Registration Form
BTIA Disaster Preparedness Workshop

Company: Belize Tourism Industry Association
Info: In Belize, BTIA is an umbrella organization for the tourism industry’s private sector. BTIA’s main strategic objective is to advocate on behalf of its members for the benefit of the tourism industry by influencing the outcomes of public policy and resource allocation decisions by the government, specifically for tourism.Read More >>
Phone: (501) 227-1144
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