Five 2012 PC Games That You Can’t Stop Playing

Games of 2012 that are addictive
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If 2012 is the end of the world, it looks like the PC gaming industry is going out with a bang. This year heralds the release of some long-awaited game titles that hardcore gamers have been drooling over for decades in some instances. And that’s because they are shaping up to be the addictive guilty-pleasures that everyone will be playing over and over again for the next decade when that latest blockbuster turns out not to be all it was cracked up to be. Watch for these five PC titles to be sucking up a huge amount of your free time.

Most Addictive 2012 PC Games 

Torchlight 2
The steampunk themed RPG sequel promises to wow lovers of the original Diablo and Torchlight by delivering much of the same dungeon hack-and-slash action. Torchlight 2 promises full multiplayer options, as well as the ability to create and share your own custom campaigns in game. Fans are sure to reward that open system with some creativity and additional hours of dedicated gameplay. 

Mass Effect 3
Even after you finish the finale to Bioware’s epic sci-fi trilogy, you’ll want to keep playing. The story is a fitting final chapter, even if many fans have disagreed over the ending. The game art is as good as ever, and the voice acting is superior. And more RPG elements that were removed in the last game have been added back in, and then some. Past and present choices affect how the story unfolds, and challenging level design doesn’t leave you feeling like the game is a pushover. Re-playability is high. 

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
The Blizzard faithful are obligated to pick up the next installment after Wings of Liberty smashed everyone’s expectation of an awesome sequel to the original RTS and built a shiny skyscraper of awesomeness amid the rubble. You’re going to see new units and buildings for Terran, Zerg and Protoss, which open up new tactics that the Blizzard team has likely been designing from the beginning. The cinematic cut-scenes are impeccable, as always. Get ready to take some time off work. 

Guild Wars 2
Most other developers wouldn’t be able to wait five years for a sequel, but the playability of one of the more successful free-to-play MMORPGs is keeping gamers happy until this get’s released later this year, depending on beta testing feedback. The long-awaited sequel to the MMORPG of the original GW jumps forward 200 years into the future. New professions of Engineer, Thief and Guardian give players something new to explore, too. The game was always pretty, but the new design and detail shows that players definitely won’t be disappointed with this sequel when it comes to production value. Thousands of hours of content are waiting for anyone who dives into this game. 

Diablo III This one was two decades in the offing (Man, does Blizzard know how to build anticipation!). And despite some hang-ups about always-online DRM requirements and logging problems, fans seem to be happy about the results. Not surprisingly, the game killed in reviews and user ratings for gameplay. The game isn’t so different from the hack-and-slash RPG formula that worked so well the first time around. But it does offer more flexibility in the skill system, allowing you to change your hero to suit your playing style. The kill-and-loot formula works, and will have you spending hours in dungeons. Updates for current graphics models definitely overshadow the original two Diablo installments.

Undoubtedly, there are some more addictive PC titles that have slipped under my radar. What games can you simply not push yourself away from in 2012?

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