Introducing Microsoft's Surface Tablet [TECH]

Microsoft's Surface Tablet features

Say goodbye to the iPad and hello to the all new Microsoft Surface Tablet -- a gift from Microsoft to all you Windows lovers. This is a message from Microsoft to the tablet competitors and a huge blow as well. What I am saying here is that with this killer tablet, Microsoft will reign the tablet world something that only Apple has been able to do with the introduction of the iPads in 2010.

According to sources Microsoft hasn't unveiled the price for this revolutionary gadget but let me tell you this will be a hit.
The Surface comes with a 10.6" screen, a clever magnetic cover which doubles as a keyboard, and a kickstand to hold it upright on a table.

In a huge paradigm shift for Microsoft, the traditional Windows Desktop has been scrapped for Microsoft's new 'Metro' tile-based theme.
  • Microsoft Surface will use same Windows 8 operating system as PCs
  • Comes with built-in stand and keyboard to replicate experience of laptop
  • Company refuses to reveal price of tablet or confirm exact release date



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