Introducing the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS [TECH]

Google has just presented it's latest and most awaited operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, in the Google I/O 2012 conference being held in San Francisco as I speak. Partnering this awesome OS is the Nexus 7 tablet from AsusI know you are thinking how cool that name is for an OS. Well, it is Google again doing what they do best -- surprising the heck out of us.
Widgets now will replace app icons on screen as you move them around. If there isn’t room, Jelly Bean makes room for you. It will automatically replace the icons on another homescreen. Automatic resizing has been improved, and if you’d like to delete a widget just swipe it off the screen — no more going to the dedicated trash area.

Voice dictation has just got even better with a feature we’ve all been dying to get — and that is offline voice dictation. Google’s awesome voice dictation introduced to Android 4.0 ICS has been completely improved in Jelly Bean. It’s more accurate, faster, more responsive, and offline mode makes it even better.

Just like multitasking with Ice Cream Sandwich, swipe to clear tasks has been brought to the gallery. As you view your photos in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean you can simply swipe up to delete the image. Don’t worry though, there is an undue button for those who are accident prone. Stay tuned as we continue to update as the details come out live.
Jelly Bean is the fastest and most smoothest OS with some of the most ridiculous features you will ever see on a phone. Some people are already petitioning for the next release of the Jelly Bean. Incredible and I am so excited.
With Jelly Bean, Google shrunk the speech recognizer to fit into the device itself, so if you have a poor connection or are unable to type, you can still get your message out. Google also boasted the new OS has a better user interface, better search and Google Now. And, perhaps, most notable — a Siri competitor that answers questions asked aloud and sends users to a related webpage.

Google Now uses things like search history and your calendar to figure out when you commute and can tell you how long the commute on your usual route will be and offer a better route, if there is one. It will also show you bars and restaurants around you that are good to eat at. Need a suggestion? Google Now can recommend what to order. From flights, bus schedules and sports — Google Now keeps users updated in real-time.
Below are just some of the features that this new OS is bringing:
  1. Faster, Smoother, More Responsive
  2. Enhanced Accessibility
  3. Support for International Users
  4. New Ways to Create Beautiful UI
  5. New Input Types and Capabilities
  6. Animation and Graphics
  7. New Types of Connectivity
  8. New Media Capabilities
  9. Renderscript Computation
  10. Android Browser and WebView
  11. Google APIs and services



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