A Nation Unites; Bert Vasquez Charged For Murder of Jasmine Lowe

The Jasmine Lowe effect continues to trouble the nation and yesterday a bit of good news finally came out. Bert Vasquez, local businessman, was captured, questioned and charged for the murder of Jasmine Lowe after plenty of evidence, Jasmine Lowe's belongings, was found within his vehicle. Thousands gathered in front of the Police station in San Ignacio town yesterday and pleaded for justice to be done.
Bert Vasquez murder of Jasmine LoweSince early morning a very large crowed, that grew in size as the day progressed, organized a peaceful demonstration outside the San Ignacio Police Station knowing that Bert Vasquez would appear in court. The crowd demanded justice and asked the police to relinquish Vasquez into the hands of the people, wanting to take the matter into their own hands. Fearing uproar from the gathering, members of the riot squad were summoned and the area was placed under maximum security by the police department; luckily the demonstration proved to be a peaceful one.

“It is an emotional event as friends, family members and supporters have been expressing their disgust.” – comment from protest attendant.

Burt Haylock Vasquez has been charged and arraigned in court for one count of murder in relation to the death of Jasmine Lowe. He has been remanded into custody until August 14, 2012. As it relates to the complaints relating to the other young girls, Vasquez will be arraigned on those on Thursday, June 21. (More on this case as police release more information).
Bert Vasquez Charged for Murder of Jasmine Lowe



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