Prime Ministers of Belize [INFOGRAPHIC]

The list of Prime ministers in Belize

This specific infographic shows information of the list of all the prime ministers of Belize.

Over the past 51 years, 4 different leaders have governed this country and thanks to them our country is what it is now.

George Cadle Price, from the People's United Party (PUP), is the only prime minister with 7 terms which makes him the minister with most terms. Dean Barrow, from the United Democratic Party (UDP), is the current prime minister of Belize until 2017. This is Dean Barrow's second term which lists him as the third minister to ever win consecutive terms after Said Musa (1998-2008) of the PUP. The only prime minister without consecutive wins in Manuel Esquivel of the UDP.

PUP has governed the country for 37 (72.5%) years overall and UDP has governed the country for the remaining 14 years (27.5%) of the total of 51 years.




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