What Belizeans Believe Authorities Should Do To Child Molesters [GRAPH]

Child Molestation in Belize
The number of child molestation cases have gone off the charts here in Belize. Just today I saw a report, on News 5, about another victim being molested in the district of Cayo. Something is utterly wrong here my peeps and something has got to be done, and fast.

From what happened to Jasmine Lowe I can't bare the present reality that my country if facing -- a disgusting reality my friends. A reality where criminals freely walk our streets and feed on the blood of the innocent just to satisfy their corrupted minds. This has got to stop! It is absolutely unacceptable.

On the next children day I want to see everyone come together and stand up for the children of Belize. The future of this country is in their hands so instead of harming them we should be protecting them.

As a Belizean I believe that the ultimate punishment for these child molesters and criminals is either "Death by Hanging" or "Life in prison"-- although I would rather they just be hanged. What do you think?



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