How and Why our Country Got Named Belize

Have you ever wondered from where Belize got it's name "Belize"? Or why our country got the name Belize? I am a Belizean and I didn't know myself until today. Check out this nice scanned document from the Belize Archives and Records Service. This document shows exactly how Belize got it's name.
"In the 17th Century, Peter Wallace, a daring Scotch buccaneer found a river entirely protected by a series of cayes and reefs, and made it his place of refuge from the Spaniards. The followers of Wallace gave his name to the river on whose bank they established themselves. Due to improper pronunciation by the Spaniards, the name Wallace or Willis deteriorated to Wallix, Valis, Balis, and finally to Belize in 1790."

Hard to Believe Right? Do you think this is true?What do you think?

(Thanks, Cayo Scoop!)



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