New Products from Grace Kennedy Belize

Hi Guys, I just want to keep you updated with some news promotions and new products that Grace Kennedy Belize is recently introducing to the country of Belize. Enjoy!!!

The new Carib Lager

1. The new Carib Lager, one of the most popular beers in the Caribbean, is now available here in Belize

Spot the Dot promotion available only at Grace Kennedy Belize

2. Tired of the insects giving you a hard especially in this rainy season? Well that is not a problem; get rid of them all with the Spot the Dot promotion available only at Grace Kennedy Belize.


Grace Kennedy Belize FoodsCompany: GraceKennedy (Belize) Ltd
Info: Distributor of Food and Beverage products - Grace, Malher, Carib Beer, Mackeson Stout, and other major brands. Read More >>
Phone: 501-223-0572
Twitter: Grace Belize
Facebook: Grace Kennedy Belize Ltd
YouTube: Grace Belize 



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