10 Things That Make Belize Pretty

This is a photo taken from the top view of the famous Blue HoleToday I was looking at some of the Google queries that had driven traffic to my blog and I found this amazing query and decided to write about it. The query reads "Is Belize Pretty". I would like to think that someone has heard about Belize but wants to confirm for themselves if Belize is pretty. So they went to Google and queried the above search. Well, in order to help out a fellow colleague, I would love to answer the question by listing 10 things that make Belize Pretty.

  1. Culture Diversity
  2. Flora & Fauna
  3. Mysterious Maya Ruins
  4. Exotic Jungles
  5. Amazing Resorts
  6. Exquisite Cuisiine
  7. Traditional Practices
  8. Tropical Climate
  9. Caribbean Sea
  10. Historical Landmarks and monuments
Do you think I missed something?



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