Patriotic vs Non-Patriotic Belizean [Comic]

I know it is still early to begin the September celebrations here in Belize but it something that I always look forward to, during the year. If you count the days from today until independence day you will notice that we have exactly 31 days, a month, of wait until Belize turns 31 years old. On the mean time I would like to share with you one of a series of comic strips that I intend to post on-line during the 31 days that are left until Independence day. The comic strip basically compares a patriotic and a non-patriotic Belizean. 

Warning: This comic strip might cause bitterness to some but its purpose is mainly to make people laugh a little. If you have any ideas please share them in the comments form below and who knows, I might just make a comic strip of your idea and feature it in our blog.

Here goes nothing:

This is a comic strip that shows you the difference between a patriotic and non patriotic Belizean



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