10 Belizean Scoops You Should Be Following

Belize Social Scoops

Social media giants (Twitter, Facebook and Blogger) have literally revolutionized the social media industry. Although there are other social media networks like Pinterest and LinkedIn who have recently become very popular, the three giants remain at the top.

Brands and other businesses ensure that their marketing department is at paste with the thousands of social media networks that are out there – so that there brands remain at the top of the game.

According to internet researchers, there are about a million social networks –and we only know about 5% of those.

Here in Belize, Facebook and Twitter reign when it comes to users. Some professionals are starting to use other social media networks like Pinterest and Linkedin.

Bloggers in Belize use Blogger, Wordpress and Scoop.It. Yes! Scoop.It, with its beautiful design, is the next big social network that Belizeans are starting to use. The main reason being, that it is so easy to setup and to share information on the platform.

So we have collected a list of the top 10 Belizean scoops that you should be following.

Please note that the list is in no specific order.

1. Belize in Social Media -- The Best of the Central American country of Belize in Social Media, curated to reduce the noise - Updated Daily...http://www.belizenet.com

2. The Good Stuff -- Interesting Bits of Information About Our World ...http://www.Facebook.com/Belizephotography

3. Things to do in Belize -- Things to do in Belize

4. Belize in Photos and Videos -- This is a collection of Photos in Belize

5. Belize You Inspire Me -- Belize Real Estate Buzz, Tips and My local favorites - Updated Daily

6. BELIZE ME -- Belize is for me, is it for you ?

7. Filmbelize -- Exploring The Filming Opportunities In The Country Of Belize

8. Belizian News -- All the Current Happenings in Beautiful Belize

9. Belize Vacation -- Mother's Nature Best Kept Secret

10. Cayo Scoop! Best of Cayo's E-Mag. -- Current Events in San Ignacio! Cayo Event Calendar at http://www.facebook.com/bestofcayo



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