8 Ways Belize Is Commonly Misspelt

Belize Misspelt mapEverybody has the right to misspell something in their lives, at least once, but misspelling a country's name is not acceptable worst when it is your country's name being misspelt.
Belize might not be the most common or well-know country in the world but it sure do have some of the best tourist destinations in the world -- simply because Belize is blessed with a paradise landscape like no other country has.

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A lot of tourists go on the internet and type for the term "belize" on Google, Yahoo, Bing, but some are not typing it correct because they are using the pronunciation of the word Belize. So I have collected some of the funny common words that the term "belize", have been misspelt for in the past.

1. berlize
2. beleze
3. belise
4. balize (I like this one, it sounds like a Spanish term)
5. balese
6. baliz
7. blize
8. bellize

Do you know of any other ways the term "belize" is misspelt for?



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