HOW TO Drive Traffic To Your Belizean Blog

Belize Blogs Belizean Blogging TipsSome may argue that having a successful blog is all about traffic and some may argue that it is all about content. Let me tell you that it is all about the two -- both traffic and content simultaneously. If you are getting a lot of traffic and your content sucks, then that only means that you won't rank high in Google Ranks and if you only knew the importance of organic traffic. If your content is well written, but no traffic, then it the same problem because who will be sharing your content if no one is visiting your posts. All in all, both traffic and content are necessary and important for the success of a blog or site.

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I am no expert in SEO but from what I have experienced in my blog you just can't tell when your blog will be visited so much that it will crash. Yesterday, I experience that, and the feeling was like no other. I got 8,000 views on a single day for a single post -- talk about quality content and traffic. Everybody wants this for their blog, don't they? Well I am here to show you how to drive traffic to your Belizean Blog in some very simple and effective ways.

Comment on popular Belizean Blogs and sites 
When you read that article or piece of news that you like, don't just close the page, be involved in the topic by commenting on the form below the article. Most sites today support a comment section so don't ignore it and participate in conversations. If you have an excellent comment, and it is helpful, other visitors will like to know who you are and visit your blog or site from time to time. In essence, you are building a community outside your blog but at the same time you are attracting followers. It has worked for me, so it has to work for you as well -- that is if you know which sites to visit.

Join heavily visited Belizean Forums
Some of the most visited portals online are forums, if you don't believe me, take a look at some Belizean forums and note how much live visitors are in these portals. When you visit them, make sure you share your links and comments on the entries in the forums, and this will also drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Make sure to register an account with the forums, so that you are able to share some posts and generate more traffic to your blog.

Create a Brand page on Facebook
There is nothing like Facebook, right? You are right, Facebook is as important as your Blog name and so you must reserve and create a Facebook page for your blog. This way Facebook users can interact with your page and at the same time know what is the latest on your blog. Everybody is on Facebook nowadays so this is an important little advice to follow. Another good thing to also do is to like other Facebook pages and get yourself involved in groups and discussions. This helps to build up your popularity online and attract people to whatever you are involved with -- your blog most importantly.

Create a Twitter page for your blog
The same applies here. You must have a Twitter page for your blog because a simple tweet could attract millions of readers to your blog. It has happened in the past and it continues to happen in the blogging world. Sometimes, a little bit of luck is needed but rest assure that a Twitter account will help you in driving traffic to your blog. I can gaurantee that to you.

Create a Google Plus Brand Page
If you are not on Google, spend a couple minutes creating your google account, because if you notice, Google is all over the internet nowadays. and you know what that means to you -- more organic traffic. Organic traffic is the foundation for a successful blog.

Has your site or blog been receiving a lot of traffic lately, if so, can you share with us some advices or tips?



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