The September Celebrations Officially Begin in Belize

Belize September Celebrations 2012

I didn't heard a lot of noise or saw a lot of movement over the weekend, here in Belmopan. But the September celebrations has now officially started here in Belize. What does this mean? Well it is this time of the year where Belize makes the most noise by celebrating two very important dates on the calendar.

The first of the two days is called The Battle of St. George's Caye Day, which is celebrated on the 10th of September every year. 

The second of the two days, and perhaps the most important day in the Belizean calendar is the 21st of September. It is in this day, 31 years ago, that Belize got its Independence from the British. This years marks the 31st anniversary of Belize since its Independence in 1981. 
Uniformed students, Government Officials and Citizens from all regions of Belize, line the principal streets, for the main event: the parade, as live music and thousands of participants wave their flags and march in unison!

The Independence Day celebrations continue, with the anticipated block party! As food stalls, providing an array of cultural cuisines, are located at each corner of the Albert and Regent Street venue; local music protrudes through the speakers triggering dancing, while the live musical performances sustain the celebratory mood of the people.
Are you ready for the September fever?

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