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Top 10 Belizean Food [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 10 Belizean Food Infographic

If you share the same taste that I have for my Belizean food, you would agree that Belizean food is simply the best! Don't you think? Here is an excellent infograhic of the Top 10 Belizean Food, according to popular Chaa Creek travel blog. Fantastic job my friend!
One of my first happy discoveries about Belize was how wonderful and varied the food is. Generally inexpensive,dining in Belize is a treat. There’s great variety, ingredients are fresh, and hygiene is never a worry. I’ve dined with gusto from excellent resort kitchens to beach shacks and the humblest of street side vendors, and never had a rumble of tummy discontent. It’s usually real food made by real folks with a certain amount of Belize’s national ingredient – pride.

Any selection of the Belizean culinary arts is by nature a multicultural melange, and here are my top favourites.
Top 10 Belizean Food Infographic

Fry Jacks is one the best breakfast fast food that Belizeans love.

Top 10 Belizean Food Infographic

Panades is one of my favorite if not my most favorite Belizean fast food. I even did an infographic about the Anatomy of the Belizean Panades.

Top 10 Belizean Food Infographic

I am not a big fan of Gibnut but my parents love the meat from this forest rodent. I have seen it prepared it many several ways -- even in BBQ.

Top 10 Belizean Food Infographic

My mother knows to make the best Escabache around, Period!

Full Infographic: My Top Eats in Belize



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