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Unemployment in Belize 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Earlier last month, the Statistical Institute of Belize released the Labour Force Survey results for April 2012. In the final report, a lot of interesting findings were noted, especially the numbers found in the unemployment sector. So we have decided to create an infographic showing a little bit of what the unemployment sector looks like in Belize.

Before going into some alarming figures, the infographic shows some information on the current population of Belize for 2012. The total current population for Belize is (338,936). This number indicates a 8% increase in population compared to the population in Belize for the year 2010. The final results show that that there is an equal ratio of one male (169,469) to one female (169,467) in the country of Belize.

The labour force is made up of 148,093 people, of which 21,371 are unemployed and 126,722 are employed. This shows that there is a 14.4% unemployment rate for the country of Belize in 2012.

9.2% (8,083) of men were found unemployed, while 22.3% (13,287) of women were found unemployed -- this shows that women are the most affected by unemployment in Belize.

From the survey, you can also notice that the Mayans have a 18.6% unemployment rate from their total population, making them the most unemployed ethnic group in Belize. The Mestizo are the least affected by unemployment, with a 13.6% rate.

The age group of (14 y.o. to 24 y.o.) is the group found with the most unemployed people, with a 25.3% rate.

The district of Cayo has the highest unemployment rate of 18.2%, while the district of Belize has the lowest unemployment rate of 12.1%.



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