Beating the System; A Belizean Perspective [COMIC]

Beating the System Belize

This comic strip is epic, it should be given an Oscar award for its originality. Like in most things in life, we all have to find a way to beat the system we currently find ourselves in. 

In Belize we find ourselves in these kinda situations because of the culture that exists. Instead of beating the system we tend to cheat the system, which is almost the same if you think about it. Beating a system doesn't necessarily mean to cheat the system but in some cases that is the only way to beat the system -- cheating.

The most clear example I can find here in Belize is in the area of real estate. To get your hands on a piece of property at the best and reasonable price you must beat the system by approaching every property owner available. Find what the cheapest price is for the size of property you are looking for and then go back to the other sellers and make them an offer lower than their initial price. In most cases they bring down the price, knowing that there is a lot competition of sellers out there.

This allows you to lower the value of properties, sometimes even by half. If you know how to gamble your way through you can master this art and should devote yourself to being a real estate agent. We need those in Belize, urgently!.

Can you give us an example of how you have been beating the system here in Belize?



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