Cabinet Gives Full Support To Make Turneffe Atoll a Marine Reserve

Turneffe Atoll Belize

Not everyday you hear that an atoll is turned into a marine reserve. Well, this is about to happen in Belize for probably the first time in its history.

The cabinet of Belize has pledged its support to turn Turneffe Atoll into a marine reserve.

We don't know about the impacts that this change will bring to the popular Belizean atoll since we all know that a marine reserve is managed differently.
While the decision has been endorsed by Cabinet, Turneffe Atoll will only become a marine reserve after the Statutory Instrument (SI) is signed and taken to the House of Representatives for approval. The proposed Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve is approximately 325,000 acres in size. The decision is monumental and will see a legislation establishing the Turneffe Atoll as Belize’s largest marine reserve which seeks to bring improved protection and much needed management to the atoll and its marine life. Speaking to The San Pedro Sun, Allamilla said that so far, Cabinet has only endorsed the decision but hopes that very soon the SI will be signed to declare the mentioned area a marine reserve. Alamilla also said that she hopes the signing of the SI will be done in a grand ceremony. While Alamilla would decline to speak in detail about the decision, she writes on her Facebook account that it took about 30 years to recognize that Turneffe Atoll needed to be declared a marine reserve and that it was finally agreed and it took the PM and his cabinet colleagues to take the “gigantic leap” and endorse the ministry’s recommendations.
Cabinet endorses decision to make Turneffe Atoll a Marine Reserve



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