Does AnyBody Have DiBo?

DiBo Central Cable Vision

Central Cable Vision, arguably Belize's best cable TV provider, is now offering a new and super-cool service called DiBo (Digital Boss). This solution offered by CCV is a very new technology to Belize and I would like to know if Belizeans are actually using it.

With the new DiBo you can watch your favorite shows any time you like and record movies, sport events and anything you like. With this gadget you can also freeze live shows and resume them any-time you like. I have seen how the technology works in small networks but I have never seen it implemented at a larger scale. This is a new form of entertainment that you guys gotta have at home.

Below are the prices for the entire DiBo solution:
  • HD Capable DiBo: $295
  • Digital DiBo: $150 (Note: This does not have the HD channels but has all the other features of the HD DiBo)
Do you use DiBo at home? And if so what do you think about it?



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