DYK: HIV/AIDS was first diagnosed in Belize in 1986

belize hiv/aids

Our "Did You Know (DYK)" of the day focuses on what the status of HIV/AIDS used to be in Belize.

According to this foreign travelling site, HIV/AIDS was first diagnosed in Belize in 1986. Cases increased until 2008, when the number of new cases diagnosed began to decline slightly.
UNAIDS estimates there is a 2.1% prevalence rate of HIV in Belize – the third highest in the Caribbean - and that there are approximately 3,600 people living with HIV/AIDS in Belize. In 2000, Belize established a National AIDS Commission to co-ordinate a national multi-sectoral strategy to respond to the challenges of HIV/AIDS. Belize accepted the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Commission Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to “further strengthen activities to prevent the spread of HIV and stigmatisation and discrimination against people living with HIV”.



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