PES 2013 Rocks My Chest Hairs [REVIEW]

PES 2013 review
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, or as we gamers call it, PES 2013, has finally been released and I am jamming ever since.

I have to admit that KONAMI really did an excellent job this time. The control and game-play of PES 2013 rocks my chest hairs, if you know what that means. It has excellent new features and the logic of the game didn't change much, I liked that!

My heart pounds and make noises like an old muffler just talking about it. I can't wait to reach home and jam some more PES 2013 -- hopefully the wifey doesn't mind.

The latest version of the popular football game is the best ever. I am not a huge fan of computer games but this is the only game I play and will ever play in my life, I pledge to that! That is to show you how sick this game is -- its addictive! Screw FIFA 2013 and their high-tech graphics! PES 2013 rules!

Even though the game requires newer and faster hardware specifications, than its earlier versions, I still managed to run it on my old HP DV 5000 that has intel graphics. It is a miracle because PES 2012 didn't run in this same computer.

Game on!



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