Positive thinking is the way out

It is a strange thing how the mind works. It appears that the more negative things we are subjected to in life, the more negative our thinking becomes. In simple terms the more negative things we see, the more negative things we want to do.

Take for example the current results of two separate polls that Belize Channel 5 posted on their website.

One of their polls is as follow:

Do you think the Minister of Foreign Affairs is properly representing the interests of Belize?

Out of a total of 1, 253 voters, 870 voted No.

On their latest poll:

Should the government pay compassionate grants to families of Guatemalan nationals who are killed during illegal activities?

Out of a total of 248 voters, 227 are saying No.

It is a bit weird if you look closely at the number of negative votes in these polls. That is a hell of a lot of negativity for such a small country like Belize. I am not into politics nor anything like that but some of these questions in these polls makes no sense whatsoever. Seriously! Instead of asking this, News 5 should ask "Do you think that protecting our barrier reef should be a priority for Belize?" Makes more sense doesn't it?

So as long as crime continues to happen in our country, the more our minds become used to it and the more we push our minds to want to think that crime is okay. Like I said, the mind is a tricky bastard -- and it just so happens that it controls our everyday actions and decisions.

Let us start to be the bosses of our own minds and start thinking positive. I am not saying that it is easy to forget what happened to Jasmine Lowe -- I am still sad and pissed off here. What I am saying is that we should think positive and try to think that everything is going to be alright and that justice will be made here or there, someway or the other.

For example, I absolutely loved the positive speech given by a young lady in the peace rally against crime in Cayo. If I could remember she said the following, targeting the media houses:
 "When you report on a crime, don't mention any names, especially those of the victims." 
She had her reasons why she said that and this is positive thinking and something that people here in Belize overlook instead or practice it.

It has been proven that positive thinking results in a healthy and more happy living. So let us get rid of all the negativity that is surrounding our atmosphere.

And you media houses are not helping; instead of reporting on something positive you waste your time reporting on all the negatives. You are the main reason why this country is in a completely, messed up, negative state.



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