The Hungry Caterpillar [COMIC]

the hungry caterpillar

As a person that loves graphic designing, I am obsessed with just about every comic strip I come across on the internet. I view up to 100 comic strips a day and with each one that I see, I grin to myself, even if it wasn't that funny. I view them as art and a means that people use to express their views on the things of life. Comic is Art!

Here is a comic strip from PieComic that illustrates what happens when you eat too much.

Here we see an example of someone who thought he could be beautiful if he ate a lot. A caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly while we turn into a ball of fat. The caterpillar is no one to take advices from especially when the entire life of a caterpillar is to eat, eat and eat.

I am rather skinny myself but I damn sure I wouldn't take no advice from a caterpillar. Eating a lot is not healthy especially with the food we have here in Belize. Most food in Belize is prepared using lard or the common vegetable oil or something along that line. So take my advice and don't eat a lot or else you will end up like Junior in the comic strip.



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