Be informed of everything happening at your workplace

Not everything you hear in the workplace is true and so we categorize that information as a rumour. Rumours are sometimes helpful and sometimes just lies that harm others.

You try to keep out of all rumours and focus on the good stuff. I am talking about being informed of everything happening in the workplace that has nothing to do with lame gossips.

A transfer, a guide, a meeting, a training, a promotion, these are some of the things that you need to be informed about when it comes to your work place.

If you are sitting down in front of your computer right now, get up and open up a small talk with one of your co-workers. I can bet he or she will tell you something new that you weren't aware of. This happens because of the nature of the work place.

So get up from your seats, create a network, check your bulletin, and get informed of everything that is going on in your workplace. If you follow my advice you might just buck into a promotion that has been knocking at your door for years.



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