Best Golf Courses in Belize

Roaring Creek Golf course Belize
As an avid golfer, there is nothing more that I like to do then set out on a bright, fresh morning, set up my tee and begin swinging away. Well, there might be one more thing that I like to do better and that would be setting up my tee on a bright, fresh morning on a course caressed with tropical trade winds and the heady scent of salty surf.

So a Caribbean destination that encompasses both my love of golfing with a little equatorial climate might be a win-win on both accounts. Where to go to do both? Belize! But before we hit the courses, let’s find out why this little hotspot destination appeals to so many tourists, ex pats and retirees alike.

Belize is not a wealthy country, but what is lacks in capital wealth it more than makes up for in its beauty and charm. Like many Caribbean nations, Belize has its history in the indigenous tribes that inhabited these coastal isles before European explorers came and not only enslaved these primitive islanders but pillaged the land and natural resources. Many peaceful farmers and fishermen, the Arawaks and the Caribs are now just ghosts, even their neighbors, The Mayan have long since disappeared. But their cultural and architectural achievements still remain seen in the stone pyramids and remnants of tribal huts.

Much of Belize is still rural, picture a country the size of Massachusetts with a population of only 300,000 and then you can get an idea of what Belize is like. However, if you are looking to spend your vacation not wending your way through the jungle and its unsavory occupants (mosquitos) and are searching for more modern accommodations, Belize offers many luxurious options with rates that are comparable to Mexican spots like Cozumel. Of course, being a travel-savvy tourist would behoove you here. Don’t forget crime can happen anywhere, but if you’re an American tourist, you’ve already got a couple of marks against you. However, if your plans tend to keep you nearer to sand traps and fairways rather than rowdy tourists traps, you’re sure to be not only safer but get plenty of golfing in. Just be careful of where that ball wanders, you might have to consult your PGA rules about playing around crocodiles, and double check if you have to hit that ball off their head or get to drop it off at safer location.
  • Caye Chapel Golf Resort: This par 72 golf course should satisfy all your vacation and golfing needs. The clubhouse alone offers spectacular palm tree-studded views of the sea while under the balmy tropical breezes, indoor and outdoor dining, Olympic sized swimming pool, workout facility and tennis courts.
  • Roaring River Golf Course: Once you check out this public course, you won’t be disappointed. Take in the beautiful rolling grassy hills, endless Caribbean vistas, where the heady breath of coconuts and plumerias will not only fill the air but also your senses. Lodging is available as well as dining at an onsite restaurant. 
No matter where you end up sinking those toes, you’ll find the perfect beach somewhere in Belize. If you’re looking for a little golf, too then shake the sand off and get the cleats on. Fore!

About Guest Author: David Bryce is an online publisher for the Hotel and Resort Thousand Hills in Branson, MO. He blogs on the topics of golf, travel, and vacations.



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