BTL To Cut Down Internet Prices By Half

BTL BelizeWell, isn't this the best news you have heard this entire year. Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), Belize's biggest internet provider, will be cutting their internet prices by half.

For 128K internet connection you will be paying a monthly fee of 25$ that is half of what we are currently paying now ($50). The best part is that this applies for all the other speeds.

This is excellent news for all Belizeans, especially the business industry. Finally, I will be able to afford my 1 meg line. So cool! This mean I would have to do some changes on my latest infographic of the Story of the Internet in Belize.

I totally dig this change and must compliment BTL and its administrators for this bold move, that should take effect sometime this month.

This is the official announcement from the PM of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow:
"Now comes what I consider to be a seminal new development; icing on the cake, with whip cream and cherry on top. Yesterday the BTL boards of directors agree that the company will once more give its internet customers increased bandwidth at reduce prices. According the 128k internet speed will go from $49 per month to $25 per month. All other DSL internet speeds will double but for less than the current price. As examples: one megabit which currently cost $300 will now sell for $140 per month, and two megabits sold now for $500 will cost only $240. So that going to back to the one megabit example; the customer currently pays $300 per month but that customer can now go up to two megabits for $240 for less than $300 that he currently pays for one megabit he can go up to two megabits. I really think ladies and gentlemen this is something."

"These reductions will take place later this month so that our people can make their new arrangements and enjoy the reductions on the December bill. I want to make the point that these developments are happening against the backdrop of the 4G roll out which will be fully operational next month - by the end of December. Ladies and gentlemen, how about that for helping the business climate."

Company: Belize Telemedia Limited
Info: BTL offers home and business telephone and internet services. They describe the corporate structure and key personnel, with details of products offered.
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