Conformity is good but too much of it is bad

How much of you guys are confirmed with how things are working at your new job or with your new business?

If you are confirmed with results then it only means that you are satisfied with the daily outcomes and profits. But wouldn't you want to do a little more, earn a little extra income? Many of you won't because you are a non risk-taker and that is understandable but in a competitive environment like the one we are currently living in, you must be able to easily step out of the conformity zone and go beyond that. That is if you want to keep your job or improve your business.

How do we do this? you ask.

Well it is easy, just don't confirm yourself with the little you have or are doing. Search, dig deep and discover your true self and only then will you achieve things you wouldn't imagine you were capable of. Obviously a little bit of risk is necessary but as you know all successful people in this world have taken risks one way or the other. It is just a simple law of success.

So the more you keep outside that conformity zone, the higher chances you have of actually succeeding in life.



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