IOD (#7) - Let people solve your problems

solving problems

"Let people solve your problems". This doesn't sound like something very easy to do, right? Well! I come here to rub it in your face that practising this idea for a long time can make your life smoother. Most of the problems we face in life are due to interaction with other peoples. If you never needed to interact with anyone, then you wouldn't be facing any problems right now.

I am not saying that you shouldn't interact with others, I am just saying that you should really be careful with who you interact with. Some people only want the worst for you. So the less people you have as friends the less problems you have in life. And if you still do have problems, pass it on to others and let them deal with your problems. How do we do this? There is no formula, if you have five senses, this should be as easy as typing your name.



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