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Lend a little hand

Do you see your co-worker struggling with that box of files? Do you offer to lend a little hand? You will be surprised of the outcomes when you help others at your workplace.

If you have been ignoring your co-workers to that level, it just says that you only think about yourself. It also add to the fact that you are not a great team player. 

Whenever you see a co-worker struggling with something, you must offer your help, even if it just something small. That little bit of help can turn into a strong bond between you and other co-workers. Nothing works better than a united group of workers in an organization. 

So don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and assist others in need. Great things come to great people.



Why iBelmopan?

Don’t let your data or brand just sit there and gather dust any longer. If you don’t know how to get the attention and impact for your data/brand you can now trust in our data wizards or creatives to provide that service for you. Using the best practices in data visualization and graphic designing, our team will craft up the perfect narrative for your brand or company.

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Belize Startups

We are also keen to feature Startups and creatives in the region of Belize. If you’re a Belizean startup or creative firm and would like to be featured here, click on the "Submit Your Business" button to give us a shout.