Look for inspiration in the simple things of life

...I know that is easier said than done. But looking for inspiration shouldn't be hard for anyone, especially if you live in paradise. There are so many things to do here in beautiful Belize.

Every time I feel down I take a day off and travel to a distant peaceful place (perhaps a Maya ruin). While admiring and enjoying the beauty of nature, I forget my problems, and make room for some inspiration.

That is just one in a millions of ways that you can find inspiration.

Talking to people with seniority in your specific field or career also help you to become inspired or joining groups with people that share the same views like you.

I know time is an issue but honestly these things shouldn't take much time from your busy schedule. I tried all of these that I mentioned above and each and every one worked so great for me. You should try them if you are seeking some inspiration.



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