Where can I buy an iPad Mini in Belize?

iPad mini review Belize

A few weeks back, the iPad mini made its debut on the market and people weren't too excited about this new gadget like other Apple products. Not sure why.

In my view this is still a nice little gadget and worth its effort and time. The main reason being for its incredible design, capability and size.

It is lighter, thinner and its sides are narrower than the other tablets. I am not going to elaborate more on the iPad mini because the parts are essentially the same as the ones of the original iPad with a few exceptions.

The big difference is the size of the screen, which obviously, has a smaller resolution, displaying smaller icons. I am big fan of it. This also makes a perfect Christmas gift.

The below table shows the prices (BZ$) for the iPad mini 16 GB with Wi-Fi for Belize.

PC.COM - $1,231.88 (Special order only)
Sigertronic - $1,365.00 (Special order only)
Fultec - (Available until December)
Cellular Plus - ($1099)
Cellular World Belize - ($1149)

I saw someone offering it for $950 on Facebook. If you know of any other business that is selling the iPad mini please let us know here.

(Image via methodshop.com)



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