Be like the caveman, go invent something out of nothing

inventionWe all know the wonderful story of the caveman and how he invented fire. Well, it is a fascinating story because without much try and modern tools, he was able to invent what today is the most powerful and useful invention in the history of man -- fire.

My advice to you today is to be like the caveman. Go into your cave and think, think and think. Don't use anything but just your wonderful little brain and invent something the world has never seen. It is possible because that caveman story make me believe it. Go invent something out of nothing. All inventors have something in common. Guess what that is? They never give up. It is that simple.

While you go to think and try to invent something, I will do the same here and we will see who comes out with the best invention. This is not a game, I am already thinking........



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