Feeling Empty Inside?

self esteemAre you feeling empty inside? Do you feel like nothing in your life makes sense? Do you feel like nothing is going your way? If you feel like this, then it only means that you are not enjoying life as you should be doing right now.

All persons have the right to live a happy life. It goes like the saying "Time is the coin of your life. You spend it. Do not allow others to spend it for you." I like this quote because it talks about you spending your life and not allowing other to live your life.

Obviously the big problem here is your self-esteem. You should work on improving that. You can try going out to different places that you are not accustomed to. Perhaps the mall, the book store, the ice cream shop. While there, you should try to open conversations with people and get to know new people. The interaction with others can change the way you are feeling now. Everybody loves to feel important and if you are not feeling like this, then your self-esteem goes down.

Try to join groups. Or join the neighborhood watch. Just go do something that you have not tried. Don't give up just yet. There is hope out there, I can bet my life on that.



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