How Stress Works [COMIC]

how stress works

Are you tired of working hard and not being able to rest because you are so important at work that you can't miss not even a day? If you are this person, then I have to feel sorry for you. Your body is telling you that you need a break from work but your mind is telling you otherwise. It gets a little tricky when this is the case.

Let me tell you that you are doing bad if you continue to do this to yourself. You have a family that needs time from you and plus you are not treating your body properly. Everybody needs rest, only robots don't.

Stress is normally the consequence of not taking breaks from work.

And then when you go on a break your mind start telling you that you are wasting time. I am telling you this is a sickness. If you have reached this stage, you better start rethinking and give yourself and family more time.

You should relax yourself and put your health and family before anything, even your work.



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