I can do it vs. You can't do it

I can do itThis is always the situation you would love to find yourself in when you are competing. What better than to have your opponent think less of him or herself. How to achieve this? There is no secret formula. You just have to master what you do, show character and proof that you are the best at what you do. Forget the competition and focus on giving it all. This works perfect in the working environment. 

'I can do it vs. I can do it.' This is the situation you wouldn't want to find yourself in. It is like putting Messi vs. Ronaldo. Two of those genius football players think that they are the best and so they tremendously render when they play against each other. They achieve this by displaying their different personalities.

The competition always exist and you must ensure that you be yourself and give it all and only so would you be able to achieve great things in life.

At the end of the day, if you lost then you are happy because you gave it all. The stars are not your limit, you don't have any limit.



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