Introducing Blackberry Z10 [VIDEO]

Blackberry launches Blackberry Z10

Check out this video of the first exclusive look at the new Blackberry Z10. Here is also a little about the features that are embedded in the new Blackberry Smart Phone. This is Blackberry's comeback on the mobile industry and it is highly expected to liven the phone giant.

We are am not sure when these will arrive and penetrate the Belizean market, but with the launch of Digicell's new 4G service, we expect these to arrive in no time.
The first thing that strikes you about the Blackberry Z10 is a feeling of familiarity - particularly for iPhone users.

The hardware is uncannily similar to the iPhone 5, albeit slightly larger (it feels almost chocolate-bar like in its dimensions of 130mm by 65.5mm by 9mm)

The interface, while looking strikingly like Apple’s iOS at first glance, has taken an interesting approach to touch abandoning the home button of its rivals for gestures.

Users swipe up, down and across from the sides of the screen to access menus and navigate to the Blackberry Hub, where all your messages and alerts are shown.

This is perhaps the handset's most powerful feature.
Called peek, it lets you slide from the left of the phone onto the screen, revealing a 'peek' at all your messages.

It takes a few days to get used to, but does soon feel incredibly natural - and is something you miss when moving back to another handset.

Contact information is also well thought out, with users able to click on a contact they are about to meet and see past correspondence, as well as their updates on social media.

In fact, several aspects of the Z10 are a ahead of the competition - with the 8MP camera software’s time shift function a particular highlight, letting you edit the faces within pictures to choose a shot where everyone has their eyes open and is smiling.

It’s a simple to use, but incredibly useful feature.
BlackBerry launches Z10



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