The time to stand up big time

stand up big timeHave you ever felt like you always wanted to stand up off your chair and shout to the winds that you are simply great?

A lot of people think you are not because you don't prove do them that you are actually big and important to the organization you work for.

Well, this is a new year, and a year of not only changes but of good changes.

Step up and show your true self. There are easy ways to do this but I will help you with the easiest way to achieve this without getting you into trouble.

I would like to use the example of the boss and employee relationship. The employee never approaches the boss and give ideas because they feel inferior. The reality is that many of the times the biggest of ideas of an organizations come from the bottom and not the top management.

So it is time to step up and and stand up, and don't just stand up, stand up big time. What I mean by that is that don't just give your boss your views and ideas, let her know why you think like that, and what are the benefits of your idea. Know how to sell your ideas.

Another huge example in which you can stand up big time is in relationships. If you love a person so much, don't just tell the person that you care for them, tell that you care for them and that you want to do something big for them.

If you can achieve this, then this is your time to stand up big time. Good luck!



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